"When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul or brings joy,
care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life."
Jean Shinoda Bolen

August 12, 2010

BC Walkers Team Banner

Below is the team banner I designed using core board, my Cricut, the Pooh Font and Stand & Salute cartridges. Although I designed and made 8 luminary bags, I only included family members on our banner. Next year, there will be many more family members listed on our team banner. I only signed our team up 3 weeks prior to the Relay for Life event, and I discovered after the banner was completed that I had many more relatives who lost their battles with cancer. So, here is a special tribute to the rest of our family members: IN LOVING MEMORY: Great-Grandpa John Nicholas Schiavone Great-Aunt Marie Iaricci Uncle George Wagner Uncle Harry Wagner Aunt Betty Downs Cousin Don Smith We love you and miss you! IN CELEBRATION OF OUR FAMILY MEMBERS WHO ARE CANCER SURVIVORS: Great-grandma Ermalinda Schiavone Uncle Louis DePaolo cousin Regina Caron

BC Walkers Team T-shirts - Relay for Life

Below are the team t-shirts I made for our team, the BC Walkers. I chose "BC" Walkers because my late husband died of brain cancer and he loved the comic strip "BC." Unfortunately, everybody thought it stood for breast cancer. I used my Cricut and the Pooh Font cartridge for the lettering. I also used the ribbon from the Stand & Salute cartridge. I combined everything into one cut with Design Studio software and cut the stencil out of waxed freezer paper. I then ironed the stencil onto the t-shirts, and using white and silver metallic Tulip brand fabric paint, painted the designs with foam brushes, then removed the freezer paper.

Relay for Life Luminary Bags

On August 6, 2010, Gary & I walked in the Hiline Relay for Life. It was once again an emotional night. We saw friends from out of state who, since the last time we saw them, are battling cancer. We saw local friends and walked and talked all night. According to the Relay for Life website, our small town's Relay raised over $43,000, which topped the amount raised last year by almost $10,000! All this money is for the American Cancer Society for research! The next 8 posts are the luminary bags either we purchased or others purchased from me as part of the fundraising effort. Each luminary bag was specifically decorated for the individual with their favorite things. Thank you to all who donated to the fundraising efforts of our team, the BC Walkers (team corporate sponsor: Meadowgold), and to our local Relay for Life. Your donations are great appreciated! Next year, we're changing our team name to "Clowns for a Cure." We chose this name for a number of reasons. Gary is a Shriner Hobo Clown, and has always supported the Shriner's hospitals so next years we want to "Clown" for a cure. Also, Gary has 10 grandchildren & 2 step-grandchildren and kids love clowns, so we want each of them to grow up knowing we are doing everything possible to let them grow up in a cancer-free world.

Luminary Bag #1

In memory of Larry Lang, my late husband, who lost his battle with brain cancer. Gary enjoyed fishing and never went anywhere without a fishing pole! Larry always told me that when I finished college, he was going to retire and take the dog fishing every day.


Luminary Bag #2

In memory of Vera Lang, my late mother-in-law, who lost her battle with colon cancer. I never got to meet Vera, she passed away before I met my late husband. Vera was a member of the Order of the Eastern Star and enjoyed wearing gowns, plus I still have flowers in my garden that Vera planted. Every spring when I see these flowers bloom, I remember that Vera planted them for others to enjoy in years to come.


Luminary Bag #3

In memory of Dewey Chadwick, Gary's grandfather, who lost his battle with stomach cancer. Grandpa loved anything to do with hunting.


Luminary Bag #4

In memory of Nell Seifert, who lost her battle with pancreatic cancer. Nell's home and family were everything to her.


Luminary Bag #5

In memory of Dick Shors, who lost his battle with cancer. According to his friends, Dick loved fishing and enjoyed planting trees.


Luminary Bag #6

In memory of Lorraine Seymour, who lost her battle with cervical cancer. Lorraine was a bowler for years and loved to play cards.


Luminary Bag #7

In memory of Bonnie Ranck Wyatt, who lost her battle with breast cancer. Bonnie loved horses.


Luminary Bag #8

In Memory of Ron Smith, who lost his battle with cancer. Ron enjoyed horses.