"When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul or brings joy,
care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life."
Jean Shinoda Bolen

May 25, 2009

Varmint Kitty was in the hospital!

Well, here is a picture of our dear little Varmint, following her overnight stay at the vet hospital. She has to wear the bandage until Thursday, then in two weeks, all the stitches come out.
There were no local veterinarians in town, so we traveled 110 miles to the city first thing Saturday morning for her treatment. I was totally impressed by the vet we chose, and Varmint was allowed to come home Sunday afternoon and was welcomed by all our furbabies. She's doing great, but has lots of stitches, and taking medicine, too.
I always tell people Varmint is a skinny little kitty, but the vet has informed me she's healthy and just "petite," so I'll never call her skinny again! Abby the schnauzer was happy to have her playmate back in the house, even though it will be at least two weeks before they can play.

Abby the Schnauzer

Since I'm posting the picture of Varmint, I thought I'd share the most recent pictures of all our pets. This is Abby the schnauzer. Abby is 4, a real ham, and I think loves having her picture taken. Abby is very friendly, loves to play with her buddy Varmint, and has plenty of toys to keep her busy. As you can see, Abby's ears were never bent and stick up like statues! Abby escaped being groomed last weekend, since our energy was spent worrying about Varmint (wasn't she the lucky dog?).

Prince the Schnauzer

Prince, our 8-year-old schnauzer does everything he can to avoid the camera (it took two shots to get a picture of him facing the camera!). Prince is shy, afraid of fireworks, thunderstorms, and anything else that goes bump in the night. Prince also has one ear that sticks straight up and one that is bent, as they should be. Prince just got groomed so he's sort of bald looking, since we trim them short this time of year.

Henry Bear

This is Henry our big butterball kitty. He's as lovable as can be and just wants to be your best friend. He's 10 years old, and for some reason, he and Varmint cannot stand to be near each other!

Louie Kitty

This is kitty number 3 - Louie. He's 11 and sometimes he's Henry's best friend and other times, they can't stand each other. Yes, he's under the Christmas tree! That's one of his favorite napping spots in December!