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May 27, 2010

Windows 7 & Cricut Design Studio

After seeing two different posts on the Cricut Message Boards that are of no help at all, I've decided to help those who are running Windows 7 and can't get their device drivers to install for their Cricut Expression. Here is what worked for me (Windows 7 & 4-month old Dell laptop) 1. Close Design Studio. 2. Make sure your Cricut Expression is hooked up by USB cable to your computer and that the Expression is turned on. 3. Click on your Start Menu and then click on "Devices and Printers." 4. You should see, at the bottom of the window, either your Cricut, or an unnamed or unidentified device. 5. RIGHT click on that device and then choose "troubleshoot." 6. Let your computer do its thing! (You may need to make sure your internet connection is active) 7. It will find the device drivers for your Cricut Expression and install them. Once finished, your Cricut Expression should run just fine with whatever version of Design Studio you have installed on your computer. You should not have to reinstall any device drivers on that computer even if you update your Design Studio software. (You may, however, need to update the firmware on your Cricut when Provo Craft tells us it is necessary.) Also, once your device drivers have been installed, you should be able to go back to that same menu (Devices and Printers) and see your Cricut instead of an unidentified or unnamed device. One other note: You WILL need to change your DPI setting from "medium [default]" to "small" every time you use the Design Studio Software (unless you choose the small DPI setting as your default). Try this to change your DPI setting: 1. Click on "start" menu 2. Click on "control panel" 3. Click on "display" 4. Click on "small" 5. Click "apply" You will be prompted to log off and log back on for the changes to work. You are now ready to try your DS software!

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